Are you looking for the top base for Builder Hall 5, look no further we have brought the best layout for you. This is so far the unbeatable base design for Builder Hall level 5 in Clash of Clans.


The best thing is that the builder hall is in the center of the base so it’s completely protected by all surroundings. Second best thing is Mortar is also in the center and all the buildings are within its range, so when the base is under attack from any angle Mortar will fire.


At the same time the Archer Towers, Cannons and Double Cannons are also equally separated which gets engaged from both sides. One Firecracker is placed in the center and the other is towards the left side, giving good air defense as well.

Base is covered from all corners with walls, one side is on purpose kept open with spring traps. Look at the walls layout below


Most powerful defense, won almost all the battles, see the logs below


Checkout the below video for the real time preview and Victory logs.

The above base is one of the most top rated base for Builder Hall 5 so feel free to make your bases from the picture above. If you like the base, please let us know by commenting here.