Torrents are the major source of internet consumption now a days. Torrents are used to download movies, games, softwares and what not. Torrents are useful as its just a small file which is used to download large files in GBs. Torrent file contains the metadata about distributed files and folders, and also a list of network trackers that is basically the list of large file sources.

Torrents are resource hungry, blocking torrents are sometimes necessary in corporate environments and also for the parent control. By blocking torrent network bandwidth can be saved for the applications and also to save total download capacity of internet package you have subscribed to.

Block torrents on Cisco Routers

To block torrents on Cisco Routers, Cisco 2911 in our case following configuration can be done in global configuration mode and interface mode.

Router#configure terminal

class-map match-any onlyp2p
match protocol edonkey
match protocol fasttrack
match protocol gnutella
match protocol winmx
match protocol cuseeme
match protocol kazaa2
match protocol irc
match protocol bittorrent
policy-map DROPP2P
class onlyp2p
dropinterface GigabitEthernetX/X
ip address X.X.X.X 255.X.X.X
service-policy input DROPP2P



Open BitTorrent, and check if you are still able to download torrent. If new file is downloaded after applying configuration, BitTorrent will not be able to get the trackers.


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