If you ever wanted to restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod via iTunes, you might have experienced recovery mode timeout, by default Apple has a 15 minutes time limit for the recovery mood and after that, you device will reboot.

All iOS update files are approx. 2GB or more in size which eventually takes more than 15 minutes to download on a normal internet connection. This results in that the time it is taking to download the software file is longer than 15 minutes which causes recovery mode to time out on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Don’t panic! The download of the iOS file should still be downloading in iTunes on your computer. If you wait for the download to finish and then put the iPhone, iPad or iPod into recovery mode and restore it, the process should complete without timing out.


To check the ongoing download, just click on the download icon as shown in the above image. Let the download to finish first then connect your phone in recovery mood. To see how to put your phone in recovery mood, click here.