You don’t usually describe laptops as being ‘crafted from artisans’, but one look at the Spectre from HP and the term manufactured simply won’t cut it. HP use the word ‘artisan’ a lot in their blurb, they state that the Spectre “has an artisan feel, almost if it was hammered out, filed, polished.”


HP say that the Spectre is their thinnest notebook computer at 10.4mm, which is around the width of a triple A battery.

Rose gold: It’s not just for your jewelry. Now, your laptop can get in on gorgeous metallic accents, too. HP unveiled the latest model of its popular Spectre laptop, and it’s officially the thinnest notebook computer on the market to date. The 10.4 mm design (about the width of a AAA battery) is sleek and ultra light, weighing in at just over two pounds. Its matte carbon fiber surface has high-gloss carbon accents that mimic the glimmer of jewelry (pro tip: polish ’em like you would your favorite stack of gold bangles). But the souped-up style doesn’t compromise on function–the 13.3-inch screen has a crisp edge-to-edge display and the hybrid battery is split into two thinner pieces so they deliver the same wattage as a single battery. Translation: You’ll get a solid nine hours of battery life before you need to charge this baby. Did we mention that the power buttons are encrusted with diamonds?


The notebook also has a built-in power setting that automatically adjusts to your workload, and recognizes when you require more or less power. This allows it to provide a peak performance at all times.

The Spectre is fitted with stereo speakers and is audio custom-tuned in collaboration with experts at Bang & Olufsen.


HP decided to stick with the relatively low voltage Intel Core i5 or i7 CPU, instead of opting for Intel’s power-optimised Core M processors. You get up to 8GB of memory, up to 512GB of flash storage, a 1920×1080 pixel display with the Spectre. There are a total of three USB Type-C ports, two of which support the higher-speed Thunderbolt standard. The Spectre is configured with SSD storage connected to the PCI Express bus for faster performance. The Core i5 model will have a 256GB SSD, while the Core i7 version will have a 512GB SSD.


As the device is so thin, it requires a special cooling system, and HP have delivered. Not only does it vent out heat, but a hyperbaric cooling technology actually draws cooler air in over the processor. This means a more powerful processor can be utilized without the device overheating.


There’s no touchscreen with the Spectre, but you can get one with either Windows 10 or Windows 10 Pro. The Core i5 version will cost $1,019.99 in the US, while the Core i7 version will cost $1,099.99.