HUAWEI TP3106-70 Telepresence System (TP3106-70) is a new-generation flagship product in Huawei’s telepresence lineup. Augmented by HD, smooth panoramic video and
surround sound localization technology, the TP3106-70 significantly improves the end-to-end videoconferencing experience.
The TP3106-70 uses the following technologies to capture 48:9 video and deliver panoramic views of remote participants with automatically adjusted, digital image stitching free from
overlapping images:

  • Industry-leading dual 1080p60 video codec
  • Multi-channel video synchronization
  • Image stitching
  • Environment integration

The TP3106-70 implements surround sound localization by adopting multi-channel audio capture and reproduction.
A touch panel with an intuitive user interface (UI) makes conference initiation and control easy.
These features combine to give participants a realistic experience that’s the next best thing to being there in person.
The TP3106-70 is used in a specially designed telepresence room that accommodates 6 participants for a remote video conference and 10 participants for an onsite roundtable


Eliminate the geographical distances with Huawei’s immersive telepresence system

  • Huawei’s Video Motion Enhancement (VME) 2.0 technology selectively enhances important details such as people’s faces, while Super Error Correction (SEC) technology makes the system highly tolerant of packet loss
  • Support for industry-standard encryption and interfacing protocols including Telepresence Interoperability Protocol, TIP, ensures security and enables the TP3106-70 to work with a variety of other mainstream telepresence systems
  • Three 70-inch HD displays provide an immersive conference, and three 22-inch tabletop displays show presentations at a resolution of 1080p60
  • A 10-inch touch panel with an intuitive GUI simplifies conference setup
  • Versatile setup accommodates six remote video conference participants and 10 people for a local conference
Specifications TP3106-70
Camera Co-optical-center camera (2/3 sensor)
Codec TE80
Displays Three 70-inch LED-lit LCDs
Data Collaboration Three 22-inch LCDs
Speakers Three-channel speakers
Microphones Six microphones
User Interface 10-inch touch panel
Video Resolution 1080p60 + 1080p60
Minimum Room Dimension Requirements 26.2m2 (6.4m x 4.09m)
Power Consumption < 1.59 kW


Clients in Pakistan:

SNGPL is the only user of TP3106-70 in Pakistan