KickassTorrents is down after alleged owner is arrested in Poland

The world’s largest torrent network site KickAssTorrent (KAT) is down. The US Justice Department took step against it’s 30-year-old owner Artem Vaulin a.k.a “tirm”, who was yesterday arrested and charged in Poland for criminal copyright infringement and money laundering. He’s been accused of illegally reproducing and distributing hundreds of millions of copies of movies, video games, TV shows and music albums. The US is now waiting to extradite him. The access of the KickAssTorrent is currently blocked and all domains are seized.

KickAssTorrent founded in 2008, the site has slowly grown to become the biggest torrent-sharing website in the world and operates on multiple domains. In previous crackdown we saw when one domain is blocked it switched to another domain from another country within moment. But as the owner of the site is now arrested the future of the site is currently uncertain.


Why KickAss Torrent (KAT) is down?

Torrent sites like KickAss torrent distributes copyright materials like Movies, Games, TV series, Music Albums, Paid Softwares etc. which is illegal. We previously saw ThePirateBay site was down. In that time, KickAss Torrent came to the rescue by making the torrent database online so that any one can create their own PirateBay site. But unfortunately, years later KickAssTorrent itself is now under the hand of the US Justice Department.

KickAss Torrent owner is charged against distributing $1 billion in copyrighted materials

Vaulin the owner of KickAss torrents is now facing the case against him for violating the copyright laws and ignoring DMCA notices. Usually Hollywood studios send DMCA notice to the infringement sites as a warning . It was seen in the legal page of KickAssTorrent that they asked the DMCA notice senders the proof that the content that is linked in KickAssTorrent is actually theirs and they held the copyright properly. Seldom KickAssTorrent deletes the content from their site. From KickAss Torrent’s view they don’t store any of the files in their servers. They give full freedom to the users to use their technology for anything they want and thus KickAssTorrent won’t held responsible for what the users share using BitTorrent technology.


So KickAssTorrent is now down because of the police and the site owner is now arrested. It is unclear if the site will ever be up because all of it’s domains are now seized and taken down by the Copyright Gangs. Only time will tell if KickAss torrent can rise from the ashes like Phoenix. Don’t forget to leave your comment below about what do you think why KickAssTorrent is down and why it should not be taken down as we all perish the freedom of the Internet Citizens.