People living in Lahore must have seen newly installed cameras at major streets of Lahore, these are non other than the Safe City cameras. By the end of 2017, whole Lahore city will be covered under the one of the biggest project of Asia, Punjab Safe City Project.

Punjab Safe City Project in Lahore includes following major technologies:

  • IPNV (IP Network Video)
  • PTSC (Police Traffic Signal Control System)
  • RLMS (Red Light Monitoring System)
  • VMS (Variable Messaging Service)
  • JTMS (Journey Time Monitoring System)
  • E-challan
  • eLTE (Enterprise Long Term Evolution)
  • VOIP (Voice Over IP)
  • AVLS (Automatic Vehicle Location System)
  • APLS (Automatic Person Location System)

This is a good initiative by Gourmet of Punjab for the citizens of Lahore. The on-going terrorist activities can be diminished by the help of these modern technologies.

Huawei Pakistan is the vendor for this project, a state of the art Command and Control Center has been set up at Qurban Lines, Lahore. All the services are hosted in the newly built data center comprises of 36 racks, which will expand to 72 racks in near future. This project was inaugurated on 11th October by Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

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